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Journey with us as we bring you inspiring stories and expert insights to help you navigate through the challenges of cancer with peace and strength.

A Healing Oasis Podcast” is your sanctuary for stories of resilience, insights from health experts, and soothing guidance. Whether you’re seeking solace, understanding, or practical advice, our episodes are crafted to support you on your healing journey.

“A Healing Oasis Podcast” is your sanctuary for stories of resilience, insights from health experts, and soothing guidance. Whether you’re seeking solace, understanding, or practical advice, our episodes are crafted to support you on your healing journey.”


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In this episode we interview Clark Werry who is a service manager at a car dealership in Manitoba, Canada. Clark was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and wasn’t given much hope from the conventional system. Even though Clark continued to use conventional treatments like chemo he took his healing into his own hands and went full steam with natural treatments as well. Clark’s story is a powerful reminder that people who are healing from cancer need to follow their instincts and their heart and not let any doctor get them discouraged.

Join us for an informative interview with Radical Remission coaches Liz and Karla as they share their journey of helping people with cancer.

We finally got to sit down with Dr. Sean Ceaser, the naturopathic doctor behind The Healing Oasis. After watching this interview I’m sure you’ll agree how amazing it is that we have a doctor like Dr. Ceaser who does all our intake calls and sets up a tailored, personalized protocol for every one of our guests.

Dan Ambrose’s wife, Yvonne, ended up sick and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2011. Dan and his children were in shock. This is a story of how Dan went to all the major cancer institutes in America only to be told there was no hope and how he had to turn to an alternative clinic in Germany to find hope. Although his wife ended up dying, Dan says that her quality of life improved immensely by getting alternative treatments and that allowed them to spend quality time together before she passed away. Have a box of Kleenex nearby and be prepared to be touched as Dan shares his story with raw emotion.

Listen to Ivonne Vielman’s journey through healing lymphoma cancer and exactly how she did it. If you have cancer or someone you know does, there is no other podcast on YouTube as informative for you as this one. Check out our website to learn more about The Healing Oasis.

One of the best interviews I’ve done. You can’t see his video so you have to picture this medical doctor that has flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. LOL! But honestly, the information shared in this interview is life-saving. He’s been treating people with cancer for over 50 years. Just think about that! And what’s more astonishing is that he uses non-toxic treatment and over 40% of those end-stage cancer patients end up going into remission and staying in remission. 

Dr. Minkoff gives a lot of clarity about where chronic disease comes from and what you can do about it.


Jennifer Dickenson was a successful lawyer running a firm of 100 people. She was speaking around the nation on legal matters. At the peak of her career, she found out she had brain cancer. This type of cancer, glioblastoma grade 4, has the lowest survival rate. All the doctors told her to get her affairs in order because even if she got conventional treatment (chemo/radiation) she only had 12-18 months to live.

One of the best interviews yet! Lindsey goes into detail about what it was like to be a new mom at a young age receiving her cancer diagnosis and enduring multiple surgeries along with things going wrong. Stage 4 colon cancer is serious and it metastasized into her liver. They didn’t give her a high chance of survival. But Lindsey beat all odds by doing it her own way. She found a good naturopath and went on a strict regime involving alternative therapies like IV high-dose vitamin C, mistletoe, hyperthermia, and a nutritious diet.

You don’t want to miss this amazing interview with Chris Wark, the author of the book, “Chris Beat Cancer”, available on Amazon. In this interview you will learn life-saving cancer information, how it works, the truth about conventional treatments, and so much more. Chris is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to the truth about cancer. No fluff. No B.S. Just the truth.

In Episode #7 I interview Suzy Griswold who is an exceptional person. In this episode we dive deep into God, faith, His Word and of course cancer. Suzy’s faith is so real and authentic and will inspire those who are unsure of God or where He is when diagnosed with cancer.

Georges Cordoba went through quite a journey healing his body of cancer. In this episode you will learn many very important things that helped Georges heal like why it is important to balance your PH in your body (did you know cancer thrives in certain environments?)

In this episode, I interview Jaimie Holmes who used the Gerson Institute to help her fight and beat cancer. It is an incredible story and very inspiring. Sometimes beating cancer isn’t complicated, just a lot of juicing, coffee enema’s and positive thoughts.

Bailey Obrien Overcomes Terminal Cancer Through Alternative Therapies | Episode 3 The Healing Oasis

In this episode, I interview Bailey Obrien who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17. She went through conventional treatments and the cancer came back two more times. The third time it was terminal and she had it under her chin, neck, lungs, and spine. It was very bad. She ended up taking a leap of faith and went to Mexico to start alternative therapies to find healing. During her healing journey, she came to know Jesus, the great healer who she realized loves her. It is an amazing story and reminds us all that the biggest part of our healing is spiritual.

Rob Prior Heals His Stage 3 Kidney Cancer Naturally – Amazing info! | Episode 2 The Healing Oasis

In this episode you’ll learn how Rob Prior beat stage 3 Kidney cancer naturally without any conventional treatments. Rob found out he had stage 3 kidney cancer when he went to his GP when he was experiencing a lot of pain and rashes. After the oncologist told him he needed to get his kidney removed Rob decided to go the unconventional route and use organic food among other things to heal himself.

How Paula Martins Beat Brain Cancer Against All Odds | Episode 1 The Healing Oasis

Join us on our first Healing Oasis podcast where I interview Paula Martins, a brain cancer survivor who shares her story. It is an incredible story to hear how Paula managed to beat cancer when the odds were stacked against her.

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