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Dave Vass is has been married to his beautiful wife, Jennifer, for 20 years and has 3 teenagers ages 18, 16, and 14. Dave grew up riding horses on a ranch in Alberta. Dave and Jennifer met while taking Kinesiology at University of Calgary which instilled a love for fitness and nutrition. Over the last 15 years Dave has successfully started and exited various companies in the tech industry. During COVID his Dad passed away from being intubated which changed the course of his life. Now Dave and Jenn have a mission to help those who are suffering from cancer find true healing and rest. As such, they have dedicated their 40 acre resort in the Okanagan to The Healing Oasis. 

Dave & Jennifer Vass

World-renowned naturopathic doctor

Our doctor we’ve partnered with operates an alternative cancer clinic in Winnipeg, Canada where he’s helped over 10,000 people with all kinds of cancers.  He is passionate about creating a healing oasis in the Okanagan where people can receive some of the best cancer therapies while being in nature and receiving amazing, cancer-fighting meals from a private chef. Dr. Ceaser’s role as the lead doctor is to create the protocol for every cancer guest that will be implemented by the on-site naturopathic doctor.  If you’re interested in booking at The Healing Oasis you will be introduced to our doctor on an intake call where he will review your medical history, pathology reports, etc and provide a protocol tailored specifically for your type of cancer.

Top Cancer Doctor

Top Organic Chef

Born and bred in the Okanagan, Shane LaRoche was drawn to food at a very young age. His great-grandmother was a humble cook in the army as well as owning her own restaurant for many years. Shane was instilled with the basic building blocks for a culinary career.

After finishing culinary school, Shane went to work for various chefs, learning as much as he could, soaking up what knowledge he could to one day open his own restaurant. He later found the love of his life while working at a golf resort, they were engaged within 6 months and married within a year.

The two went on to open their own restaurant called The Rock Eatery. A casual fine dining restaurant where you had to book a month in advance to get in. After 6 successful years, Shane suddenly got sick with GI issues, after struggling with the medical system, Shane sought after a more natural remedy and started to get better. Shane now resides in Falkland B.C. where he lives with his wife and two children.

Shane could open up his very own restaurant or get work as a chef almost anywhere so to have him at The Healing Oasis is an unbelievable gift to all those who come to stay with us!

Shane LaRoche

Cancer Concierge

Born and raised in the Okanagan Valley, Christine has always been passionate about the land, and the sacred plants that are native to the region. Her passion bloomed into her desire for knowledge about anything that encompasses health and wellness. She took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about healing when both of her parents fell ill to cancer and she saw the duress it can create in a family structure. She used this as motivation to educate herself, not only for her well-being but any life she touches.

She now is well versed in Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism, Meditation, Somatic Therapies, Supplementation, Homeopathy, and the importance of embodiment practices for stress reduction like Yoga. She believes it’s in connection to others we thrive. This is why she has brought her teachings back to the land in which she was born, to be of service, and be enmeshed within her community.

Christine Muir

Director of operations

As Director of Operations, Bob seamlessly combines roles as a family man, compassionate individual, craftsman, and successful business entrepreneur. His diverse professional journey spans founding a leading trade show contract firm, excelling in online marketing, and achieving accolades as an award-winning residential builder. Bob’s love for the outdoors, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and personal experience navigating his father’s cancer battle uniquely position him as a valuable contributor to the enriching atmosphere at The Healing Oasis.

Bob Levy


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

~ Michael Jordan

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