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The Healing Oasis - British Colombia, Canada

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Cozy Cabins is now The Healing Oasis

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To have any kind of fighting chance of getting better and feeling better, those with cancer need to drastically change their lifestyle and nutrition. Staying in the same place, eating the same food, doing the same things will not help. Our healing oasis (a cancer wellness retreat center) is secluded in nature’s paradise allowing our guests to comfortably change their lifestyle for the better. With our private Chef making farm fresh meals every day, our regime of vitamins / enzymes, our dedicated therapies, and our activities in nature along with sunlight, sleep and “living water” we believe that guests will find hope at the end of their stay while feeling better, revitalized and ready to allow their bodies to heal themselves.

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The team dedicated to your healing

The Vass Family

Dave Vass has been married to his beautiful wife, Jennifer, for 20 years and has 3 teenagers ages 18, 16, and 14. Dave grew up riding horses on a ranch in Alberta. Dave and Jennifer met while taking Kinesiology at the University of Calgary which instilled a love for fitness and nutrition. Over the last 15 years, Dave has successfully started and exited various companies in the tech industry. During Covid, his Dad passed away from being intubated which changed the course of his life. Now Dave and Jenn have a mission to help those who are suffering from cancer find true healing and rest. As such, they have dedicated their 40-acre resort in the Okanagan to The Healing Oasis.

Dave & Jennifer Vass

Property Owners

Dr. Sean Caesar

Lead Naturopath

Shane LaRoche

Head Chef 

Christine Muir

Cancer Concierge 

Bob Levy

Director of Operations 

What we offer as an all inclusive retreat

Accommodations in nature

Our Healing Oasis offers serene and comfortable accommodations designed to provide a peaceful environment for cancer patients undergoing therapies.

Cancer fighting meals

Healing Oasis nourishes cancer patients with organic, nutrient-rich meals, promoting vitality and well-being, fostering recovery through wholesome ingredients and thoughtful support.

Alternative cancer therapies

Healing Oasis offers holistic therapies fostering relaxation, resilience, and recovery, tailored to nurture cancer patients on their healing journey with care and support.

Cancer concierge for a personalized experience

Our dedicated manager ensures guests maximize their stay, checking in daily, guiding to treatments, and coordinating activities for a fulfilling experience.

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