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Empowering Cancer Recovery


We all know someone with cancer or someone who has died of cancer. Maybe you’re here because you have cancer. People with cancer have limited choices for fighting it. There’s very few places they can go to truly fight the disease and try to win or just feel better. The traditional medical system offers treatments in an environment that is poorly suited for health and wellbeing.  Click here to watch the video on “Why The Healing Oasis”

Our Vision

To build an all-inclusive healing oasis where people with cancer can stay for an extended period of time secluded in nature while being given alternative therapies.  We want to offer our guests the best of nature combined with non-toxic treatments to help them feel better, give a better chance of managing the disease and have hope that they can LIVE!

Why a Healing Oasis?

To have any kind of fighting chance of getting better and feeling better, those with cancer need to drastically change their lifestyle and nutrition.  Staying in the same place, eating the same food, doing the same things will not help.  Our healing oasis (a cancer wellness retreat center) is secluded in nature’s paradise allowing our guests to comfortably change their lifestyle for the better.  With our private Chef making farm fresh meals every day, our regime of vitamins/enzymes, our dedicated therapies, and our activities in nature along with sunlight, sleep and “living water” we believe that guests will find hope at the end of their stay while feeling better, revitalized and ready to allow their bodies to heal themselves.

Empowering Cancer Recovery

A Holistic Approach to Healing

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Stories of Triumph & Expert Guidance

Our healing oasis welcomes cancer survivors who have beaten the odds to share their inspirational stories with our guests. These firsthand accounts of overcoming dire predictions from traditional medicine instill hope and motivation.
Experts specializing in natural cancer treatments also join us, providing valuable insights to our guests. Alongside these empowering stories and guidance, we offer diverse sessions like Yoga, gardening, nutrition, and more, empowering our guests with holistic tools for their path to healing.



There will be a dedicated chef who creates a meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner using ingredients that encourage healing.  Also, our chef will put on cooking classes for guests so that when they go home they are educated on what food to eat and how to prepare it.


We have one of the top naturopathic cancer doctors in Canada that specializes in cancer patients.  In fact, he’s treated thousands of people with cancer.  People fly from all over the world to come see him at his clinic.  With years of experience and knowledge, he’s able to do an intake call and provide a healing protocol tailored specifically to the person’s needs.  That healing protocol will then be implemented by one of our local, on-site naturopathic doctors.

Cancer Concierge

We will have a very passionate manager who looks after all our guests making sure they are getting the most out of their stay.  This person will check in on guests daily, bring them to their treatment sessions, and coordinate activities among other things.

Message From The Owners

Education & Case Studies

Cancer Case Study with Dr. Sean Ceaser

Stage 4 cancer patient who has gone through chemo and then turned to Dr. Sean Ceaser for help.

Another Amazing Case Study with Dr. Sean Ceaser

Sometimes your healing journey finds its way to alternative therapies that can drastically improve your health.

Why Hasn't Your Oncologist Told You About Naturopathic Therapies?

Sometimes you need to look outside the box to find what you’re looking for.

Cancer Fighting Foods and Ingredients​

Just a quick video on cancer fighting foods and ingredients.


A large portion of profit will be donated to a charity that will provide financial aid to help bring guests here who can’t afford it

Cougar Cabin

 Pricing determined after in-take call (All-Inclusive)

The largest cabin on the property.  Has two bedrooms and a loft with 4 beds. Full kitchen, bathroom/shower, and private hot tub on the deck.  This cabin is ideal for a larger family.  The video shows the cabin in a winter setting but The Healing Oasis operates from May 1st to October 1st when everything is warm and green!

Lynx Cabin

 Pricing determined after in-take call (All-Inclusive)

A newer cabin and most like a home.  It has two bedrooms with no loft and a full kitchen, bathroom/shower.  It sits on the far end of the meadow overlooking the lake.  The video shows the cabin in a winter setting but The Healing Oasis operates from May 1st to October 1st when everything is warm and green!

Elk Cabin

 Pricing determined after in-take call (All-Inclusive)

Many guests favourite cabin, the most secluded on the property.  It has two bedrooms but ideal for a cancer guest that wants to bring kids along.  Full kitchen and bathroom along with a nice wrap around deck looking out over the meadow. The video shows the cabin in a winter setting but The Healing Oasis operates from May 1st to October 1st when everything is warm and green!

Dear and Bear Cabins

 Pricing determined after in-take call (All-Inclusive)

The oldest, most rustic cabins but very cute and right near the lake.  One bedroom on the main floor with a loft that kids can access with a few beds.  A full kitchen, bathroom and nice area to sit and have meals overlooking the lake.  Very close to a wood burning hot tub. 

Moose Cabin

 Pricing determined after in-take call (All-Inclusive)

A larger cabin that is next to Moose with both being quite secluded from the rest of the cabins.  Very much right in the forest overlooking the lake and closest to the wood burning hot tub and sauna. It also has a loft that can accommodate a larger family or two small families.  The video shows the cabin in a winter setting but The Healing Oasis operates from May 1st to October 1st when everything is warm and green!

Beaver Cabin

 Pricing determined after in-take call (All-Inclusive)

Right beside Moose cabin and nearby the wood burning sauna and hot tub, this is a very nice cabin secluded in nature. Wrap around deck surrounded by forest creates a feeling of tranquility and peace. Of course the cabin has a kitchen and bathroom as all the cabins do. The video shows the cabin in a winter setting but The Healing Oasis operates from May 1st to October 1st when everything is warm and green!

“In loving memory of Sharon Stetson, Karen Stetson, Isla Rose Stetson, Roger Quanz, Amy Sevenhuysen, Karen Duncalfe, Tanya Sayer,  Delbert Sirr, and all those who lost the battle to cancer.

 And to my Dad, who I miss more than words can describe. He helped many who needed help, this place is a gift for you in heaven. May it bring you so much joy.”


When are you open?

We are opening May 1st and we will be open through till October 1st.  Due to a cold winter with lots of snow we will be closed from October 1 to May 1st.  However, we are going to partner with a health center in Vernon where our on-site doctor will continue to provide cancer therapies during the cold months.

Guests are encouraged to stay for 1 month or more to get the most out of their stay.

How does the booking process work?

If you are interested in staying at The Healing Oasis you will do an intake call with our experienced cancer naturopath doctor who will get to know you, your condition, and see if The Healing Oasis is a good fit.  The call is meant to be informative and educational with no pressure whatsoever.  We want to make sure that each guest will get the most out of The Healing Oasis.

After your initial call if it is decided that The Healing Oasis is a good solution for you, then the doctor will create a protocol tailored just for you that will be implemented by one of our on-site doctors.

Please fill out our form to be added to your waiting list and setup an intake call.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is determined after your in-take call with our doctor based on the recommended therapies and the cabin you will be staying in.  The pricing is all-inclusive which means you don’t need to worry about any additional fees while staying here.  Compared to other cancer retreats in Europe and Mexico we feel that we are offering a great deal of value for the price.  

Can I bring my kids or my pet?

Yes, we believe part of healing is being with your family. Get in touch with us to learn how bringing your family works.We are helping people manage their cancer, the goal is to extend our guest’s lives. We believe in a holistic approach to healing. Even relationships matter which is why we encourage families to come together if possible.

Certain cabins allow pets. Connect with us to learn more.

What alternative therapies do you offer?

We offer some of the most advanced alternative cancer therapies.  Currently, we offer a suite of nutritional IV’s, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a wood burning sauna and hot tub, supplements purposefully tailored for your condition, and more.  We will continue to add more therapies when they are proven to be effective.  Don’t forget that the food you eat plays a vital role in getting better and we provide you with a private chef that makes “farm to table” meals with “cancer fighting” food ingredients (plus, we give you access to a mini juice bar as well).

Are the medical professionals licensed to provide medical treatments?

Yes, our doctors are all licensed. We are very careful to hire qualified professionals so you get the best possible care.

What does all inclusive mean?

We want our guests to enjoy their stay at The Healing Oasis while receiving all their therapies according to the protocol setup by our doctor who specializes in treating cancer without thinking about money.  Once you pay for your stay, everything is “all inclusive” meaning you never need to worry about paying extra for therapies, or using facilities like the mini nordic spa or the meals prepared by the chef or even the juice bar.

Do you discourage chemo or surgery?

We do not discourage chemo or surgery at all.  The medical system has a “one size fits all approach” where chemo and surgery are the only tools in the tool box.  However, different cancers respond very differently to chemo or surgery.  Some cancers can respond very well and others can respond poorly. 

Our approach is to provide therapies that enhance the effectiveness of chemo while reducing some of the harmful side effects.  Of course, there are those who choose not to go the conventional route with chemo and we support them by giving non-toxic therapies. 

The point is that at the Healing Oasis we educate and inform our guests and allow them to make their own decisions while providing the best possible support for helping them heal.

What makes the Healing Oasis so special?

There’s nothing like it in Canada.  A place where people who are fighting cancer can go and immerse themselves in nature, eating cancer fighting foods, enjoying the benefits of effective alternative therapies all the while feeling like they are on vacation!  Come to the Healing Oasis and feel alive!

There’s actually a 3 pillar foundation that makes it very special.  The unique 40 acre property situated in one of the most beautiful settings you’ve ever experienced.  Just the property alone will bring healing and rest.  The doctor who we partnered with has a practice that focuses on people with cancer and has helped many people over the last several years.  Lastly, the chef we have on staff is one of the best in the Okanagan and is passionate about providing amazing cancer fighting meals.  Of course, we have alternative therapies on-site that each guest has access to during their stay which is priceless.

How can I trust your protocols will help me?

Our doctor who specializes in cancer patients will help setup a protocol specific to your situation after he has an initial intake call learning about you and your current condition.  The doctor’s protocols are proven to be effective based on many years of treating people from all over the world in his clinic in Winnipeg.  Although there are no guarantees in life, at least at The Healing Oasis you will feel much better, increase your energy and give your body what it needs to try to heal itself.

Is there a waiting list to get in?

Yes, we have a waiting list so it is best if you setup your intake call right away with our doctor to see if you are a good fit for The Healing Oasis.

The Healing Oasis is about 40 minutes from Vernon Hospital

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