Top Naturopathic Cancer Doctor In Canada Partners with The Healing Oasis

When we started with this vision to build The Healing Oasis we knew that we had to have a strong foundation to ensure our guests would have the best chance of healing.

That foundation consists of:

  1. One of the top naturopathic cancer doctors partnering with us.
  2. One of the best chefs cooking meals with cancer fighting ingredients.
  3. Therapies that actually work for fighting cancer.

We already had the property which boasts of a private lake in the middle of nature with 7 rustic cabins that are fully equipped with kitchens and bathrooms surrounding the lake but nicely spread out.  Our guests have always said the place has a spirit of healing and rest.  But, to really bring our vision into fruition we knew we had to find one of the top cancer doctors in Canada who has a ton of experience treating all types of cancers.

Our doctor has a clinic in Canada where people fly from everywhere to see him and get treated by his natural therapies.  The problem is that people have to find a place to stay while they are being treated and it can be stressful as trying to eat properly while being treated is incredibly important.

With The Healing Oasis, we are providing the same therapies but in a secluded place where guests can stay for an extended period of time and get healing from the food they are eating, the juices they drink, the peaceful environment they are staying in, the sauna they can sweat in, the cold dips and hot plunges, etc.  So we are brining it all together into one place.

Why is it important to us to partner with one of the top naturopathic cancer doctors in Canada?

Because cancer is a serious problem and requires someone with vast knowledge and experience to help people battle it.  Our doctor has treated thousands of people with cancer, has seen all various types of cancer, and understands how to treat each cancer in a specific way to get the best possible results.

On a side note, the doctor is incredibly passionate about food. When he was staying with us at The Healing Oasis we had the opportunity to cook with him and it was such a delightful experience.

At the end of the day, The Healing Oasis is providing the best possible care in every area and we believe there’s really not a place like it in call of Canada.  Fill out our form on our site to see if it is the right fit for you.

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