Unveiling Paths to Radical Remission: Insights from Healing Oasis Podcast: Episode 17

Welcome to the Healing Oasis blog, where we bring you closer to your journey of transformation and healing. In our latest podcast episode, we were thrilled to host a powerful discussion that underscores the ethos of our approach to healing and wellbeing. Episode 17 of the Healing Oasis Podcast, titled “Interview with Radical Remission Coaches Liz and Karla,” is not just a conversation but a beacon of hope for many navigating the tumultuous waters of cancer.

Radical Remission and Hope

The episode begins with our host, Dave Vass, diving into the impactful world of “Radical Remission” and its sequel, “Radical Hope” – books that have resonated deeply within the community of those seeking healing from cancer. These books, authored by Kelly Turner, PhD, outline key factors that have helped numerous people achieve and sustain remission against all odds. The latest book adds a new dimension, reinforcing the power of hope and proactive health strategies.

Liz and Karla’s Transformational Coaching

Liz and Karla, both coaches certified in the Radical Remission method, shared their personal and professional journeys with our listeners. Karla Manz, a two-time cancer survivor, detailed her own battle with stage three B breast cancer and later, metastatic cancer. Her story is one of transformation, emphasizing the shift from conventional treatment to integrating holistic lifestyle changes which she credits for her current status of having no evidence of disease for over seven years.

Karla’s experience is a testament to the philosophy that facing cancer or any life-altering diagnosis can be a pivotal moment for profound lifestyle transformation. This encompasses not just physical changes but also a deep, introspective look into one’s emotional and spiritual health.

From Personal Loss to Prevention

Liz’s journey into the world of cancer coaching was fueled by personal loss, turning grief into proactive learning and prevention. After her sister succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer, Liz was propelled into the realm of health coaching, focusing on dietary changes and stress reduction to potentially mitigate her own cancer risk. Her story highlighted not just the fight against an existing disease but the proactive prevention and readiness to support others through their healing journeys.

The Role of a Radical Remission Coach

Both Liz and Karla emphasized the unique role of a Radical Remission coach – guiding, supporting, and empowering individuals to implement complex lifestyle changes that span the spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Their coaching involves personalized sessions that focus on the specific needs and circumstances of each individual, encouraging a holistic approach to healing.

An Invitation to Transformation

The Healing Oasis is more than a retreat; it’s a starting point for a lifelong journey of health and wellness. As Dave pointed out, our goal is to not only provide a sanctuary for healing but to ensure that each guest leaves equipped with knowledge and strategies to maintain and enhance their health journey, regardless of where they are.

Liz and Karla’s discussion extends an open invitation to anyone facing health challenges, especially cancer, to explore how adopting a multifaceted approach to health can potentially turn the tide in their favour. Their stories and strategies underscore the Healing Oasis’s commitment to offering diverse, scientifically-backed, and personalized healing modalities.

Continuing the Conversation

For those inspired by the podcast and wishing to delve deeper into the Radical Remission approach or seeking guidance without visiting the Healing Oasis, Liz and Karla can be reached through their platform, The Navigators, which provides ongoing workshops and coaching sessions.

The episode wrapped up with a powerful reminder: healing is not just about curing a disease but about transforming a life. At Healing Oasis, we are dedicated to supporting you on this transformative journey, helping you harness the principles of Radical Remission to live a healthier, more vibrant life.

Stay tuned for more inspiring episodes from the Healing Oasis Podcast, and remember, your journey to wellness begins with hope and a commitment to change.

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