Finding Sanctuary: LuAnn’s Journey at The Healing Oasis

In an intimate interview at The Healing Oasis, LuAnn opens up about her journey battling cervical cancer stage 3B and her decision to seek alternative treatments. Hailing from Oregon, LuAnn reflects on her

In a heartfelt interview at The Healing Oasis, Cyndy opens up about her battle with stage four breast cancer and her journey towards healing. Hailing from Grand Prairie, Alberta, Cyndy reflects on her

Welcome to the Healing Oasis blog, where we bring you closer to your journey of transformation and healing. In our latest podcast episode, we were thrilled to host a powerful discussion that underscores

At the Healing Oasis, our mission is to offer a sanctuary for those seeking solace and recovery from life’s hardest battles, especially cancer. In a recent, profoundly moving episode of our podcast, we

In the realm of cancer treatment, innovation is a beacon of hope, offering new avenues for healing and remission. Among these advancements, Loco Regional Hyperthermia Treatment (LRHT) stands out as a promising modality,

In the realm of cancer treatment, the journey towards healing is often a labyrinthine path, marked by conventional methodologies and innovative alternatives. For those seeking an alternative approach, The Healing Oasis stands as

In today’s medical landscape, the prevailing narrative often centers around cancer as a result of genetic mutations within our cells. Conventional treatments largely revolve around gene therapies targeting these mutations. However, a deeper

In the realm of cancer treatment, the journey towards healing encompasses more than just medical interventions; it’s a comprehensive approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Nestled in the pristine landscapes of

In the realm of cancer treatment, patients and their loved ones are increasingly seeking alternative therapies that go beyond conventional methods. The Healing Oasis, nestled in the serene landscapes of British Columbia, Canada,

In an inspiring episode of The Healing Oasis Podcast, our founder, Dave Vass, sits down with Chris Wark, a recognized leader in the field of holistic cancer treatment and author of the transformative

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