How Jaimie Holmes Beat Cancer Using Nutrition and Food | Episode #4 The Healing Oasis

In this episode, I interview Jaimie Holmes who used the Gerson Institute to help her fight and beat cancer. It is an incredible story and very inspiring. Sometimes beating cancer isn’t complicated, just a lot of juicing, coffee enema’s and positive thoughts. Jamie’s website is: She has a book as well at:

Rob Prior Heals Stage 3 Kidney Cancer Naturally with No Conventional Treatments

This is an amazing interview with Rob Prior who beat kidney cancer after he got diagnosed in 2013.  He had a wave of emotions hit him when he was diagnosed including FEAR but he ended up going against his oncologist’s recommendation and fighting it naturally.  It is an incredible story and I’m sure if you have cancer or you know…

How Paula Martins Beat Brain Cancer Against All Odds

I just recorded our first podcast episode with Paula Martins where she shares her story on how she beat brain cancer against all odds.

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