A Cancer Wellness Retreat in BC Canada

If you are fighting cancer and want to go somewhere where you can focus on managing the disease in a positive environment using therapies that are proven to help but not toxic where can you go?

Europe?  Mexico?

Why not the Okanagan, BC in Canada?

There’s so many people who are getting cancer that need a place that provides healing and rest.  We feel that The Healing Oasis is a “wellness sanctuary” situated on 40 acres of beautiful land with 7 cabins that surround a private lake.  We’ve even named the lake, “Lake Renewal” knowing that many guests who stay here will be swimming, paddle boarding, and fishing while getting better.

It’s one thing to come to nature’s paradise where guests for over 40 yrs have enjoyed family vacations.  Combine that with a private chef making meals from cancer fighting food and ingredients, a naturopathic doctor who specializes in cancer, and natural therapies that are effective in helping manage the disease and you have something unlike anything offered in Canada.

We want people with cancer to feel alive again; to come to our Healing Oasis and leave feeling rejuvenated.  But, the main goal is to help people get better.  We have a doctor that specializes in treating cancer and will setup a protocol tailored specifically for you.  We will monitor the results and make sure you are set up for the best possible success.

Our Healing Oasis has a wood burning hot tub and sauna right on the lake.  It’s like a “mini nordic spa” where you can jump in the lake for a cold dip, soak in the wood burning hot tub and sweat out toxins in the sauna.  There’s been plenty of studies showing the positive benefit of using a sauna every day or at least every week.

When you’re battling cancer it is important to hear from others who have gone through the same journey.  That’s why we will be inviting cancer survivors to share their story while you are here.  By hearing other’s stories you will increase your belief that you can get well, stay encouraged, and learn how the spiritual and emotional side is just as important in healing

People who are searching for a cancer wellness retreat in Canada should definitely get in touch with us.  The first step is to book an in-take call with our doctor to see if you are a good fit. We have a waiting list so please make sure to reach out to us right away.

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