Discover the Healing Oasis: A Guided Tour with Dave

Hey folks, it’s Dave from the Healing Oasis! Today, I’m giving you an exclusive tour of our serene retreat. Behind me, you can see the Rock Eatery, where our chef prepares delicious, cancer-fighting meals for our guests. The cabins are nestled down by a private lake, which we’ll explore another day. Right now, let’s check out the Healing Center.

As we walk, I want to mention that guests can enjoy a picturesque stroll or be picked up by our side-by-side machine if needed. This machine makes it convenient to get from the cabins to the Healing Center.

Welcome to the Healing Center

Here we are at the Healing Center. This is where guests receive various treatments, including IVs and hyperthermia therapy. My wife recently added a charming garden with a picket fence to keep the rabbits out. Let’s step inside.

Upon entering, you’ll find the IV treatment area. We have four comfortable leather chairs where guests can relax during their treatments. The room is designed to be soothing, with a salt lamp, frankincense oil, and a calming quote on the wall. We also offer fruit-infused water and a variety of teas.

Next, we have the PEMF room, which features inspirational quotes to help uplift your spirits. Adjacent to this room is the local regional hyperthermia room. Though I won’t turn the lights on now, it’s important to note that we’re fortunate to have one of only four such machines in Canada. It’s a vital part of our world-class therapy offerings.

The Rock Eatery

After treatments, guests head to the Rock Eatery for meals. The eatery is a delightful spot where our private chef, Shane, prepares meals using the finest cancer-fighting ingredients. Let’s go take a look.

On the way, you might spot our goats and chickens. We strive to create a homely and natural environment for our guests. Here at the eatery, Shane works his culinary magic, and our guests rave about the food. Corinne, one of our guests, calls it “the best food” she’s ever had.

Exploring the Cabins

Now, let’s walk down to one of the cabins to give you a sense of what it’s like to stay here. Guests have the option to be driven or enjoy the walk themselves, appreciating the exercise and natural beauty along the way.

Our cabins are designed for comfort and privacy, each with its own kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Moose Cabin, for instance, offers stunning views of the private lake from its deck. Steve, the husband of one of our guests, describes the environment as relaxing and never boring.

The Lakeside Retreat

Our guests also love the wood-burning hot tub and sauna right by the lake. These amenities are perfect for soaking and relaxing, especially at night. Heat therapy is a crucial part of our healing regimen, whether through the sauna, hot tub, or our advanced hyperthermia machine.

The lake itself is pristine, ideal for fishing (catch and release), swimming, or simply enjoying the view. We have kayaks and paddleboards available for those who wish to explore the water.

Activities and Amenities

For more active guests, we offer disc golf in our expansive meadow. The cabins are well-spaced to ensure privacy and tranquility. Each cabin, whether it’s Elk, Cougar, or Lynx, offers a unique charm and comfort.

Our guests are loving their experience here at the Healing Oasis. We hope this tour gives you a glimpse into the peaceful, supportive environment we provide. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you on your healing journey.

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